Crazy Days and Nights: Blind Item #3


Hey Zero, what’s the matter? Things not going your way?

Based on that non-article in the Fail with two irrelevant photos of her? Nope XD! While it’s true that BC and MF are angry at one another I’d like to remind everyone that SoFail Cunter wanted nothing more than to ruin Sherlock. She’s been scheming ever since MG ran her off the set and they refused to give her a part. She did everything she could to cause problems between the cast members and BC was such an idiot that he caved in. She probably convinced him that he didn’t need the show by stroking his ego. NEWSFLASH: You can’t have Sherlock without John, Ben. Also? Martin was right to tell you off and so was Tom because signing up for the ShamWow was the worst mistake you’ve ever made. So grow the fuck up, fix your mess, take out the trash and apologize >:(. Remember that Sherlock is the franchise that launched your mainstream career, don’t blow it…


Crazy Days and Nights: Blind Item #3

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