Tavistock Troll

That’s just one piece of the puzzle, are you going to deny the rest? Diversionary tactics aren’t going to make the bloodhounds on their trail go away. CoS and UTA? Mentioned in CL’s testimony, there was even an expose done by the same journo that outed Charlie Sheen. I know for a fact that he knows all about the ShamWow…

See, a lot is going on BTS that isn’t being publicized. FACT: CS got a huge Wellcome Trust grant out of the blue, it’s all about connections. FACT: It’s leaked that he and SoFail are both involved in the same con. FACT: SoFail’s ‘artist’ friends in NYC belong to the same group of shysters behind the harassment and eventual ‘suicide’ of two fellow artists. Furthermore, they were stupid enough to boast about their nefarious intentions towards BC. I also seem to recall that they threatened a minor and her family over her blog. They’ve been found out and that’s too bad. Now kindly fuck off.

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