” He’s got to be terrified and you know Team Zero are still threatening him, even if their backers have stopped. So he’s crippled with fear. And stress.”- threatening him to do what exactly. SH is not getting any special exposure she’s just a prop for him on RCs at this point. He seems way less stress then a year ago tbh. Most skeptics r pretty sympathetic, if there was any chance ben was in danger and “crippled with fear” wouldnt more people care?


Sigh. Here’s the thing…a lot of people don’t want to believe in the kind of stuff that Zero is involved in. They can’t even think about this level of evil. But there are blinds about these networks, articles about them, and court records to show that these networks are rampant. You also have multiple questionable deaths of A and B listers recently….all of whom were speaking out against trafficking. And when you look into it (which most a loathe to do, for understandable reasons), you see that Zero fits the profile and hangs around with way too many people who are intimately linked to known members of these groups. Add to that the “art” she and her friends prefer…it’s not just weird and awful, it’s based on dark, esoteric beliefs.

Why so many cannot believe Zero can’t possibly be involved in one of these groups is beyond me. But they do. I think for some it is pure skepticism because she hasn’t been mentioned personally in any of these public records, etc. I get that to a point. But I counter that Weinstein hasn’t been arrested or convicted, but many of these same people believe claims about him. For others, it’s because they can’t allow themselves to contemplate that Benedict might be in this much danger. It would become very difficult for them. And that’s not a slam on them. It’s a matter of self preservation. As far as what she could threaten him with? All kinds of things, including and up to death.

She has:


What does that look like to you? SoFail was P2P RCGF who turned the tables on BC in complicity with CS. Team Soso’s well-connected backers are the root of the problem. Without their support, they would be a pathetic gaggle of petty criminals…

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