It wasn’t his physical attractiveness. It was his personality and talent, the sense he was an upstanding guy, that made him appealing. Now he feels closer to a calculating used car salesman. Being an adoring fan had made me not see the pastiness with creepy eyes.I enjoy his work but not a fan of him as Benedict Cumberbatch, celebrity. His sham is fascinating to follow though.


Got it. Yup. Totally understand

I agree with Nonny about BC’s original appeal, he was a breath of fresh air in a business full of phoneys. The quality of both his acting and promo work isn’t what it used to be either. First he surrounded himself with unethical sycophants, bad influences all around. Then he shot himself in both feet by delegating everything to a subpar Team and letting them talk him into a two bit fauxmance with a third rate pseudobeard. It’s a miracle he can still walk and the used car he’s selling? Doesn’t even run!

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