Zero Horsepower


Putting the trick back in ‘One-Trick-Pony-Nag’. I mean we know SoFail’s not very original but come on:

Skeptical about Cumberbatch fans

Obsessed Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Tried to Have Me Fired 

One Direction, Fake Babies And The Problem With Celebrity Conspiracy Theories 

Despite damning video footage and photographic evidence of her fuckery, she’s still trying to use DARVO straight from the NPD Playbook. It’s not working sweetie, with regards to the Pilos we said the bump was fake and that you’ve borrowed real kids to stage papshots. Imagine my surprise when Enty and virtually all of the major tabs in Europe agreed! The ShamWow is an open secret in HWood and beyond, it’s a sad joke of a PR arrangement that’s costing BC well, everything…

PS: Do try to pick your P2P hacks more carefully…this:


Is making you look even worse…


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