LOOK LOOOK *smooch…eww what the fuck?* LOOK I KISSED HER! MEANS WE ARE TOTE LEGALLY MARRIED, WE LIVE TOGETHER AND WE HAVE TWO CHILDREN! Expectation: hmm must be true then, let’s stop asking questions. Real life: why the fuck does he have to do this? She doesn’t pucker her lips, he had to grab her by the shoulders, she looks disgusted, yes I mean more than usual. This looks dodgy. Who the fuck kisses his wife this way. Ben Ben Ben… when you stand in the bottom of a pit, stop fucking digging.


He’s already dug to China AND back, nonny. Sometimes I wish it was a wink in our direction (not because of my ego), because then it wouldn’t be so fucking pathetic. Sigh

And judging from the Rat activity on my SC? I’m pretty sure they aren’t any more stoked about it than we are.

It’s a calculated and repetitive PR move. BC always uses LL closing to push the ShamWow. Always unconvincingly

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