Lactose intolerant? He’s probably paid to lie about his Cadfael hair styled matrone and also about his fatherhood, but can he spare us the unpaid bullshits? He claims loving his mum’s roasted chicken then he’s vegan, he spent his Roland garros shamrow introduction snogging an Haagen dazs ice cream, hid his self loathing during his too fake to be published baby pap pix in another ice cream and suddently he’s lactose intolerant?? He married this cow, maybe that’s where his intolerance comes from!


I just spit out my drink nonny! Lmao

I’ll tell you what BC’s turning into: an orthorexic mythomaniac who doesn’t even know when he’s lying anymore! It’s one thing to claim a legitimate health problem like IBS, another for your public persona to flip-flop all over the place. When MF said he didn’t like who BC had become this BS is exactly what he was referring to…

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