It seems you don’t understand the difference between Masonry and the OTO, or between reality and the ravings of that lunatic you keep listening to. You don’t have to believe me. The only thing you have to do is read, for once, the links you keep reblogging from that dimwit, and check the sources, instead of just looking at the headlines.


No, we know the difference. But Zero is part of the OTO and at least has some family/in the FM. She uses BOTH to control and scare Benedict. She has ZERO boundaries. She is an incredibly evil, but stupid woman. And there is nothing to stop people from being members in BOTH organizations. I suppose I should spell that out, since it seems that I over estimated some of my readers, yet again. I hope his explained it for you, since you are incapable of making the distinction for yourself.

Indeed, reading comprehension is a beautiful thing. Like SoFail the OP is simply too stupid to use it. I did say a relative of mine was a FM, didn’t I? Not a run-of-the-lodge one either. With regards to Thelema, the excerpts I posted were taken directly from AC’s ‘Book of Law’. There are individuals who are Thelemites and Masons, or are you going to pretend that doesn’t happen as well? Let me refresh your memory:


SH comes from a FM family and she herself has ties to OTO. Given her love for all things French it really wouldn’t surprise me if she was a CFM either…

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