I just checked his imdb page using the app and everything is there ???


Doctor Strange, ACIT, and PM? Because it wasn’t there earlier, but his 17 years with Zero WAS there.

Really? Editing his IMdB page? SoFail is full of shit. She met BC 17 years ago while she was doing lines in the loo. As in they shared some friends but that was it. Prior to the ShamWow SH didn’t give BC the time of day and even called him ‘repulsive’. BC was with Olivia for 12 YEARS, up until 2011 and with AJ from 2011-2012. He was rumored to have dated KB from 2013 to early 2014. BC didn’t fake date SoFail until mid to late 2014. His own mother said that they had been seeing each other for mere weeks! Don’t make me pull up his ‘Who’s Dating Who’ page 😈…

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