Por qué será será que tengo estas ojeras
desaparecerán tal vez el día que me quieras.

This reminds me of a beautiful poem by Amado Nervo:

The day that you love me will have more light than June;
The night that you love me there will be a full moon,
with notes of Beethoven vibrating in every beam
of indescribable things,
and there will be together more roses
than in every May.

The crystalline fountains
will go through the hillsides
jumping crystalline
on the day that you love me.

The day that you love me, the hidden copses
will sing arpeggios never heard before.
The day when you love me, every spring
that existed and will ever exist in the world,
will manifest in the ecstasy of your eyes.

Holding hands like blond sisters,
showing candid ruffs, the daisies will go
over the mounts and prairies,
in front of your steps, the day that you love me…and if you defoliate one,  the last  innocent white petal will say to you : I love you passionately!
After the dawn bursts on the day that you love me, all the shamrocks will have four ominous leaves and in the pond, nest of unknown seeds, will bloom the mystical corollas of the lotuses.

The day that you love me every clouds-cape will have
wonderful wings, every crimson glow will be a mirage
of “The Thousand and one Nights“, every breeze will be a song,
every tree a lyre, and every mount an altar.

The day that you love me,
just one kiss will encompass all of God’s beatitude, for both of us.

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