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Hi Anna *waves* 

I hope that BC is watching the stellar but gradual rise of Ryan Gosling because he is the template for successful actors. Not only does he have a successful growing career but has a happy, successful private life which he manages to keep private (not secret just private)No one even knew EM was even pregnant with BOTH of her kids. Hell he even managed to win a major acting award by not trotting his so out on a RC but was able to thank her in his acceptance speech in such a wonderful way and NOT EVEN MENTION HER NAME. While he may be Canadian and not British he is similar to BC in that he isn’t conventionally attractive he has an avid fanbase but has managed to stay away from the “internet boyfriend” tag that reporters the world over has managed to mention in every article and interview about someone we know well. He even showed up in a small city 2 hrs south of Toronto to attend his mother’s university graduation with only social media tracking him and a few mentions in the local media a few years ago.  Maybe if BC pays attention he can not only find the right person to have a happy private life but also get the chance at the same comedy and musical roles Ryan has done and that he has always talked about wanting to do. 😀 

ps I laughed so hard at that kitty brain freeze video. Some of those kitties looked so betrayed that such a delicious treat could hurt so bad. 😛


I hope Ben is paying attention @canadiangeekgirl, but something tells me he’s so caught up in his own personal drama, that he’s incapable of doing so at the moment.

2 and a half years of fuckery in, numerous pathetic attempts at fetch for the fetchless, stupid damage control, franky laughable efforts to convince everyone paying attention the marriage and Pilo are real, and… countless posts later, I am convinced of these three basic facts:

  • Ben is terrified of scandal breaking out, exposing his marriage and family man status for what they truly are (imaginary)
  • It would take a ruthless man to deal with Weirdo in an effective way, and to ensure a split announcement would only have impact on her image and not his career/reputation
  • Ben is not ruthless

Coincidentally, these three basic facts (as I consider them to be) are the reasons I’m still documenting this pathetic showmance.

Well, he needs to delegate the dirty work to those capable of properly dealing with SoFail then. Focusing on his work as a distraction so that he doesn’t feel too bad. Ben needs to understand that he can’t have any considerations for people who are out to do him in…

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