P Anon Submission




People can spend their own money how they like obviously,to see Benedict is their “sunshine” and I get it,am never one to rain on anyone’s parade.

BUT it’s obsessive behaviour if you want to get as close to him as possible ( in his space,as CLOSE as possible ) so close ie front row ’LL ( so he probably sees you ) over and over and over again even if you just did that a week ago.

To go to Hamlet SD multiple times and not even see Hamlet most times,to go with the specific reason to be as close to him as possible even if you only did that yesterday and the day before,to have more than one pic at Sherlocked with him and you did the same the year before.To travel to a different country multiple times within a short time to be as close to him as possible…even though you again only saw him recently.

All that is obsessive behaviour..

….and that’s what “we” know about,imagine what we don’t know about..

It’s intrusive because he recognises and is aware of these people when they turn up and that’s not “caring” for him that’s only caring for yourself.


And scaring him.

Didn’t he say in an interview a while back that there are some fans he sees more often than his own mother?

Sounds plausible that he would say that and that *fan* is definitely JF.

Amen. Regular fans are content to see a celeb occasionally. JF, Yaz etc.? BC should adopt them already. Once the Unicorn Prince magic wore off, he’d probably see them less often!

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