Theatre Director SOPHIE HUNTER at the opening of “Women: New Portraits By Annie Leibovitz’ at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station on Jan.12, 2016 wearing OSMAN – SS 2016

thank you a lot ♥ @princeprosperoredmask

Wow I’m impressed with you google fu Princie! Nice job. I’m impressed how quickly you’ve found this. Congrats ! And I actually like the wide leg cut for this jump suit. And Sophie has a really good figure for it. 

Is that a white smudge, to go along with seriously dilated eyes and a look of “I’m so wasted?!”

Basic is the ONLY look she can ever pull off. She still doesn’t get it does she? No amount of designer frocks or coattail riding is going to make her happen. She simply doesn’t have what it takes to shine on her own.

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