So apologies for editing a bit of the screencaps for this website but only 10 photographs are allowed on mobile. A number of Ms. Hunter’s photographs comes from parties by this company. Or appear to. It is a company that serves a specific purpose. They do not throw the parties. The are a media company as they say. They supply photographers and publicity. They either write an editorial pre or post party saying how wonderful the party or event was or will be. They make sure it is well recieved. They write emails making sure people will attend. As the other website states, “they are redefining what it means to be famous.” It is a place to see and be seen. Anyone old enough to remember card exchange parties will understand the concept.

Standing next to Ms. Hunter is Brooke Geahan, her long time friend. The party is invitation only but that does not imply how one goes about receiving such an invitation. It is possible that someone on the list could request an extra. It is also possible that there were plus ones for each inviation. That is a very good possibility as this event was also a preview for a product coming to market and the object would be to sell the product.

It is possible that Ms. Hunter was Ms. Geahan’s plus one. It is possible that Ms. Geahan requested an invitation for Ms. Hunter as Ms. Geahan thought Ms. Hunter would like the product being shown.

The statement as it stands on the original post infers that the reader knows that Marchesa is the brand of Harvey Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman. The reader will then imply that Ms. Hunter and Ms. Chapman are long time companions. When searching through the party pictures, there is not one photo of the two woman together.

Um…what is she wearing with that dress?

Black tights…again

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