How would she know how to get in touch with the people who tweeted if she wasnt there? I’m leaning more towards her being there but Ben managed to get her excluded from photos. I know there’s probably someone else who was put in charge of that but say BC ‘helpfully’ suggests wife take the photo. PR probably insisted he take her along to push the ‘celeb couple’ bs but he threw a spanner in the works. Anyone can simply smile, offer bland utterings & most people would consider that very nice.


That’s what I’m leaning towards, too.  But there was NO reason to have her FULL name come out or even be listed in the tweets.  And let’s face it, Mark Ruffalo’s wife wouldn’t be mentioned.  Sophie isn’t famous.  No matter how much she wants to be.

Yep, I said that SH may have been purposely left out of the photos because she wasn’t welcome. BC wanted to go anon as usual and I agree that PR probably “suggested” SH tag along. BC knew she would try to get narc supply from that so he foiled her. But SH found a way around that by insisting that she be mentioned, title and all. A passing mention wasn’t good enough, she shows her true character every.single.time. PR needs to realize that she’s a hopeless nutcase…

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