The anon who reported having worked with Sophie in NY on a show that tanked under her was unfortunately exposed as a liar – the nans went full on stalker and managed to prove that Skanka had never worked on a production fitting the description the anon described. I don’t believe ANYONE anon claiming to know her personally.


Still waiting for Richard’s receipts that will probably come in the form of self written accounts that can’t really be corroborated nor verified because they were “never published.”

At this point, I think it would be best just to set aside the Richard asks because it’s kind of clear that the asks are based more on the sheep mentality that can be found on the nan blogs than on factual evidence. Out of all people to contact, SH’s former co worker chooses a skeptic blog to set the story straight? And if they wanted to set the story straight with the skeptics, why choose my blog when there are bigger skeptics out there that get more traffic and make sure that their message from Herself is sure to be seen?

SH did work on a Broadway production that tanked. IIRC it was called ‘Enron’…

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