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Anon Submits: 

(1/11) Still, Richard? I’d ask this “mutual friend” to do own dirty work in full view of internet’s eye. Your foot prints are all over TFOE’s mat – something both she and admin of tumblr can see. It will be YOUR door that would be knocked, not Herself, not “mutual friend”. Are you srsly that needy? Or stupid?

TFOE: Maybe Richard is Richard Brook and I’ve been invited to be part of the Great and Final Game. All I can say is that I’m totes ready for the challenge *puts on deerstalker and grabs the nail file*

(2/11) Hey Richard, can you ask Sophie why she lied all over her CV? if she is so accomplished and well thought of then why lie? ( even lying about productions that toured South Africa that don’t exist). Why did she lie about her dress being hand loomed when it was off the rack? Why did she engage in dangerous activity when pregnant? Why did she ask that no one think of her as maternal? Why isn’t she listed on any of her husbands assets? You ask her that “ Richard” then well answer your questions 😂

TFOE: I will just say ^^^^THIS and I would bloody well like the answers to these questions from Richard or his mutual friend with MS Hunter (shouldn’t it be Mrs….whistles)  and have this explained to me. I can be quite the curious gal and this has had me stumped for quite a while….Oh! And I have receipts to each and everyone of these questions just in case Mr Richard wants them.

(3/11) Dear Richard, why is your buddy Sophie a compulsive liar who is almost 40 and can’t get her own work or funding w out her family getting it for her? Want to speak on how your friend there made her lavish living in New York w out any meaningful gainful employment or nah? LMAO

TFOE: Trust fund friends can be quite the advantage when being unemployed for a few years…and not because she couldn’t worm her way into a role or a production to steal most of the credit for herself. It’s also quite the advantage when your half brother can make wedding bands, you uncle is a wedding planner, another one of your uncles happens to be in an arts committee. SH is quite the lucky THEATER DIRECTOR, don’t you think?

(4/11 ) I have a query for Richard, how does Sophie’s real boyfriend feel about all this?

TFOE: I imagine he can’t be too mad considering SH must be bringing home a decent amount of dough, enough to get her one and a half Erdem outfits, and a two night stay at the Ritz in a standard room. They must be living the life, SH and her boy toy. Enty even had a blind item about SH getting friendly with someone over coffee…which really isn’t something a pregnant woman should be having, but you know, decaf and all that.

(5/11 ) Richard, what medical conditions does Sophie have that she showed no sign of pregnancy other than her belly? How can she for from no bump to a 7mo bump in a week?

TFOE: The same condition that apparently insisted how fragile of a state SH was in, so fragile she went on some form of a press tour whilst BC was in Shanghai. And the same condition that had BC staying by her side for the BAFTAs because she needed taking care of. Also, Another question for Richie, is that condition communicable because it looks like BC got the short end of the stick with all the weighting symptoms on his personality.

(6/11) Richard, tell Sophie when she panics and makes arrangements to borrow a kid and get photographed w it, to make sure it’s he right size. She fucked the preg stunt up so bad it was like a 12yo who doesn’t know where babies come from, she should put extra work in here. Points if the baby has red hair, tho that will be harder to find

TFOE: Not red, auburn! Duh! Get you facts straight because if e don’t tell the Rich- miester the exact details, then how is he supposed to report back to his mutual friends who will then report back to SH like a game of Telephone in elementary school.

(7/11) Dear Richie, does your friend really have a super power to find cameras everywhere or is she just that much of a fame whore?

TFOE: I believe that is a secret between SH and Xavier Charles to be aware of. However, Richie-boy may know the rough basics of SH’s double life 😉

(8/11) Richard, is Sophie so hard up for money that she can’t hire a profession or team? Is that why she had to pay for advert “ interviews” in the guardian?

TFOE: What do you mean using her HUBBY’S stylist, Joe Woolfe isn’t enough of a professional team?! I think you’re clearly mistaken! Just SH alone is an army worth of professional stylist. Not to mention how she’s new besties with Anna W and how she oversaw her dress choices for some of her red carpet events. And considering that they got engaged on Guy Fawkes day, they might’ve done an early penny for the guy to pay off the TIMES ad, don’t even know what strings she must’ve pulled for the Guardian to be the only source posting about SH.

(9/11) Is Sophie sad that ppl don’t love her, Richard? Is that why she is getting ppl to troll blogs! Either you’re a liar troll ( obv) or Sophie is so supremely pathetic that she can’t stand the thought of ppl finding her laughable. Sorry soph you wanna be big and famous some ppl won’t like you. You pick rich rich which is is? Pathetic insecure Sophie or troll w LOTS OF FREE TIME?

TFOE: Personally, I feel honored to get the attention of one of SH’s friends, or even a troll so convinced that they are BFFLs with SH that they feel the need to pose as one! 

(10/11 ) Richard? Has Sophie ever got any work w out connections? Does she get even one thing based on her talent? Who are you again Richard? Lmao

TFOE: All these damn good questions but no answers to be found. The WTFry troll must be cock blocking us from the answers.

(11/11 ) Dear Richard which one of these, ah, “ mutual friends” are you associated with? Haahhaha

TFOE: To SH’s class pet turtle she had in 3rd grade. That’s the only explanation. And what better source, what more valuable source than this.  

These questions are excellent questions indeed but will we EVER get any of them answered?

LOL, we won’t be getting any and here’s why. Aside from ‘outlandish’ black-market tea, BIs and ‘rumors’ we skeptics also have hard evidence for SH’s piss poor attitude and lack of professionalism. Evidence that is 10 on the Mohs scale Richard Rich or whateverthefuck your real name is. In the form of Miss Cunter’s CV, her original Guardian article along with video-clips highlighting her ‘delightful’ tantrums and other puerile antics during multiple award ceremonies… 


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