New scarce images.







As pointed out by choppy, Benophie is finding a few scarce new images.


They’ve got it tagged Serpentine, but that’s the embassy. And the cell phone is out when they’re sitting, isolated, at the table.

lol, the awkward cropping of SH

And B’s simply radiating joy
Also WTF is B doing to SH’s hand?

Checking her pulse? Hahahahahaha……..

“Uh, oh! Photo! Quick…hold hands!” So sincere, much togetherness. It’s a routine for them now, much like his ER style BAFTA ‘hearteyes’. Real couples don’t bother with that shit because real doesn’t need overselling. Notice in the previous photo they looked bored. All dressed up and no investors at the table *sigh*. Who messes up hand-holding? Oh yeah, SH. Out-of-synch anon was right…

What the hell kind of hand holding is that? Looks like the way my mom used to grab my hand as a kid when I made a fuss in the store and she had to take me out.

Now Sophie. We are going to a very important party with expensive sauce and those over-moneyed people that you like so much. I am trying to get investors for SM so we have to look on-point, capsice? I need you to make like Hannah and act like you give a fuck about ‘us’. I know you don’t but if you do a good job of pretending I’ll throw in something extra once our contract is up.” 

BC can act, he is helming this clusterfuck and dragging SH along. After all he’s got a hell of a lot more to lose if this blows up prematurely. Problem is SH hates being told what to do and she doesn’t like to compromise or cooperate…


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