New scarce images.





As pointed out by choppy, Benophie is finding a few scarce new images.


They’ve got it tagged Serpentine, but that’s the embassy. And the cell phone is out when they’re sitting, isolated, at the table.

lol, the awkward cropping of SH

And B’s simply radiating joy
Also WTF is B doing to SH’s hand?

Checking her pulse? Hahahahahaha……..

“Uh, oh! Photo! Quick…hold hands!” So sincere, much togetherness. It’s a routine for them now, much like his ER style BAFTA ‘hearteyes’. Real couples don’t bother with that shit because real doesn’t need overselling. Notice in the previous photo they looked bored. All dressed up and no investors at the table *sigh*. Who messes up hand-holding? Oh yeah, SH. Out-of-synch anon was right…

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