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snipped from Ballsy’s mega –

(7/3)  Anyone else
noticed that when he takes her out publicly in a social setting he becomes like
a leper. Sitting on their own being pretty much ignored by everyone around
them. Happened at the Golden Globes too. Are they actively avoiding one-on-one
contact with people they don’t control (or are in on the game), or is she
simply a person nobody can seem to find any interest in talking to for whatever
reason. It’s one or the other.

Ballsy:   There
does seem to be a certain “repelling” that occurs.  Is it her?
The combo of them?   Or are they
actively doing it to avoid scrutiny?

Yup. That was even happening at Weinstein’s after Oscars party. Did you notice how the room cleared all around them? The line from The Reichebach Falls springs to mind –

*You REPEL me* is happening in real life.


It’s both. Enty got tea from someone who went to the GGs and said that BC acted OOC. He waited for people to come to him which is the opposite of what he normally does. BC is ‘hiding’ to some extent but make no mistake, the dismal duo make an odious couple. Industry folks think it’s a joke, that this is one of the most poorly executed fauxmances they have ever seen. Is it any wonder they avoid them? Had BC teamed with a nice person that he could at least be friends with (like KK) he would have had it made. Yes, even if it they had gotten fake married. Now SH is boosting her image by cannibalizing his career and he is beholden to the media lords until he fulfills his end of the bargain. The next 1-2 years are going to be rough for BC…


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