In the photo from the second party, he looks drunk, reminded photos with Oscar and Golden Globe.


You mean to tell me this isn’t the same day just with different outfits? REALLY!? I don’t believe you. Shame on you for lying to me like that! 

PS. BC in the first picture looks like he’s hiding something behind his back…glass of gin and tonic –I mean water? A ciggie? A ciggie and a glass of beverage of choice?

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Told you so. You could photoshop his Oscar face onto the Serpentine pic and it would be a perfect match. Another astute anon noted that his hair is a mess, his tie is gone, his shirt is wrinkled and he’s hiding his beverage behind his back. Why? Because he needs liquid courage to deal with vampire squid. If his eyes looked like those of a fish he was probably drinking like one too!

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