Benedict CumberbatchSerpentine Gallery summer party held in Kensington Gardens – Departures at Serpentine Gallery – London, United Kingdom – Friday 3rd July 2015

She looks pissed! GOOD! SUCCUBUS! Check out the limp hand in the car…, the throwback of the head. Oh yeah! Total displeasure! Good! I hope her time was miserable! She NEEDS TO go back into hiding! So should he! Go hide your shameful faces! Go take care of your “child”. **Cough cough**

There is no way that woman gave birth! Look at her feet in those heels.
No. Way. In. Hell.

Oh look! Return of the Giraffe Neck! And these photos help prove just how flat she shouldn’t be. Hmmm… And yes. She looks mega pissed.

Annnnnd why the hell is he wearing shades at night? YOU AIN’T ALL THAT, SUGARPLUM!

Notice how she grabs his arm in that last walking photo?

“Oh no you don’t! I see lights, I see cameras, I see free publicity! You aren’t getting away from me *grab*!” LOL, BC was leaving her behind…again. I never saw him do that to OP or AJ etc. Same thing happened at Primrose Hill when BC refused to take her hand. There she goes with the head tossing then weird GG style hand-hold in the car that consists of SH putting her palm face up. Maybe BC realized she was pissed and tried to gloss over his ‘carelessness’. The fact that she wont even look at him says a lot, not a happy camper. That smile is similar to the one she gave at the BAFTAs when she said, “You’ll pay for this.” BC can be a passive-aggressive panda even when he isn’t drunk. That’s one of the reasons why he was wearing shades, we saw the reddish eyes in the earlier pics…

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