A pro-life tumblr blog made a nice edit of BC’s legendary words of how children not inhibiting one’s life.

I’m sure when BC pictured his life of privacy and fiercely protecting his future family, he as well pictured his quotes being used everywhere. I mean, you can’t get more private than that! A+ for you BC.

I am more on the pro-life side due to my religious background but I understand why disadvantaged women in particular may not be as sympathetic to the message. It’s pretty easy to care for an unplanned bio (or in this case ‘adopted’) child when you have a net worth of 15+ million dollars. They don’t inhibit you when you can afford to pay someone else to raise them for you…


They aren’t adopting anything. There’s no baby at all here. Remember – adoption is a process. They would have had to set that shit up waaaay in advance (and as we all know, this stupid shit was set up in HW’s office in November and the “pregnancy” surprised everyone in January). My friend is trying to adopt a kid, and it’s been a year now. She’s still waiting on a baby.

And is Benedict really worth $15 million? I would have thought more along the lines of $3-5 mil, unless he’s got some serious real estate holdings or some major investments going on…

Politics aside, this is ANOTHER thing that demonstrates how out of hand his PR is.  The happy couple at the Oscars ends up being the poster for same-sex marriage.  This quote becomes the tag line for a pro life campaign…


Can you imagine if someone was trying to use Coca Cola like this?  How about BMW? 

Benedict Cumberbatch is a brand.  Just like tampons and sodas and mobile phones.  And his brand is NOT being protected.

Reblogging for this last bit which I have bolded! Carry on the way they are and there won’t be a brand left to protect. 

I know. Working in marketing gives you like a 6th sense with regards to bad publicity. BC may have a few jobs lined up but his brand is definitely in danger. His current lack of brand ambassador/spokesperson gigs are a clear indicator of that. Now, add the fact that SH is like PR poison. There is something visibly unpleasant about her, even people who don’t know too much about BC etc. have pointed it out. Being married to the right person, even a civilian would have boosted BC’s brand. It seems like BC has been doing most everything wrong. People who are pro-gay marriage are usually pro-choice. If BC is more conservative that’s fine but he needs to decide where he really stands. People will respect him more regardless of his personal views. Right now he flip-flops all over the place and comes across as untrustworthy. I myself am moderate because I‘ve seen the negative long term consequences of some seemingly benign measures. Sometimes the intentions are good but at other times there is cleverly disguised social engineering at play. 

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