I agree with you Tfoe, in that interview BC was probably “happy” Already, the pisco is a very Very strong beverage stronger than tequila, it’s an aguardiente (sorry I don’t know how to translate this) besides BC is not accustomed to that kind of drinks ( I hope he never meet the mezcal)


And BC was a fan  of whiskey sours before he was introduced to the magical powers of pisco. 

“He got hooked on pisco sours, he says, because he likes whiskey sours, and a friend who’d visited South America demanded he try one. He says he likes tequila, too, which starts a debate about whether pisco is made from cactus or grapes (it’s a brandy, so grapes), which prompts a discussion about Googling and books and Kindles and how nobody ever just knows anything or retains information anymore.”

Tequila, mezcal and sotol are only made in Mexico and the agave plant is not a cactus, it’s a cousin of aloe. Aguardiente is generally made from sugarcane or grapes. For someone who likes his liquor BC is a bit lacking there. So he likes ceviche, eh? Sounds like he should marry a nice Latin woman next time, you know when he does it for real. His temperament and demeanor seem more in keeping with a Mediterranean than your stereotypical Northern European anyway.

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