Let’s just call it. The publicist in the lacy black dress is Lady of the Side Eye from PSFF. And wow. I didn’t notice she totally covered her face with both hands. Maybe for a nanosecond but still. Hard to tell who she’s reacting to though. Sophie or BC. They both messed up that carpet. I think this was an accidental pregnancy. He & SH should have done what they wanted without PR interference. Not like that team does a good job anyway. What a joke. Why does he employ those losers?


That’s also to say BC and SH wanted anything to do with each other in the first place.


Yeah, SH accidentally got knocked up by ‘Oh Henry’ and BC got stuck with another man’s kid…also ‘accidentally’. Everyone in the know pities BC because the fauxmance made it tres easy for SH to con him into marriage. Don’t blame the PR team at PSFF, SH fucked everything up all on her own with her deliberate preggo strut. That was 100% her idea and along with her signature stomp-offs I’d say she pretty much did what she wanted. BC etc. be damned… 

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