There’s pix of Eddie R out in London pushing a child in a pram. Ha! I know he’s not but it’s like he’s taking the piss. Aaaaand, the child is photographed BUT the face is pixilated. So, that shuts up the folks saying you can’t photograph a minor.


WAIT FOR ITTTTTTT!!! The nans will contact the ER fandom, that’s 99% chill and have their fun reblogging/posting cute pictures of ER, and start whispering in their bloggy ear and say how poisonous this is to ER’s fame and how the skeptics talking about ER will get his Oscar taken away from him and…you get my point. 

As I’ve said, the magazines can’t put a picture up of a minor without the parent’s authorization. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use the picture if they blur/pixelate the babe or crop them out of the picture. BC’s picture has nothing but a pram, so it can basically be the new billboard for Bugaboo. 

I wonder about ER sometimes, I really do. I think he’s a lot craftier than he lets on. He may very well be using this opportunity to one up BC’s pitiful PR game while taking the piss. The truth being that BC’s at best ‘friends’ with SH and the kid’s Notmybaby. Intentional or not I could kiss ER! Especially if BC stopped talking to him after ER served him up some Truth Fries about how fauxmances are done. ER was smart when he picked HB, she’s managed to keep their arrangement classy and confidential. ER must have surmised that SH was problematic even as a fake wife. It speaks well of him if he tried to intervene…

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