ER pushing the pram of his blonde female friend, smiling as bright as the sun, a skip in his step, having a good time with his friend for a walk through Holland Park with a female companion. “Eddie day care: Eddie Redmayne was spotted showing off his paternal side while out and about in London”

Then we have BC with his pram at the exit of Hampstead Heath with a perturbed, scandalized look being caught with his beautiful baby boy in the first precious weeks. 

And none of that, BC wasn’t expecting the picture shit. Because neither was ER as he was photographed by actual paps that work for a tabloid which have a large following and not an everyday person that posted a picture on Instagram and also happened to be a photographer. ER isn’t even aware of the camera, this is just about as candid as a celeb moment being spotted in an open area such as a park can be. BC looks like he’s swallowed seven gallons of straight up lemon juice and salt, maybe his candid moments are as sweets and momentous. 

Someone in Hamlet please, please show Benedict this post and gently recommend he drop this mess like the flaming bag of dog shit it is!

Imagine BC in ER’s place, with a real wife beside him and their kid in the stroller. That’s the family BC wanted, instead he looks like a coyote caught in a claw trap. He definitely wanted to be seen by someone, there was simply no need to expose himself and the Notmybaby like that. On a popular date like Father’s Day? Yes, even with the privacy cover. Keira did her obligatory walk to get the baby news out of the way and BC followed suit sans enthusiasm. My mom told me that she did not take me on long walks in my pram until I was over a month old. My dad didn’t do prams, he just carried me like the bear he is LOL. I still got plenty of fresh air and sunshine in our yard in the meantime.  

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