Showsie on SH’s absence




Hey Ballsy! Showsie again. I just had a thought. I do that sometimes

The absence of SH in that pram photo op is interesting, to say the least.
I think the one thing we haven’t considered in any detail is what SH feels her
role in this shamwow is.

Do we honestly think she is going to…

Yeah. It’s pretty clear from their RC interactions that she’s not happy being BC’s accessory. He was supposed to be a step up for her own career not a permanent roadblock. BC shutting her up at the Oscars was kind of a dickish move TBH. That’s not going to fly with a narc for very long. If SH divorces BC she can hire a nanny and do whatever she wants, including live with SBF. I did say that if BC didn’t have enough sense to bail first, SH was going to cash out and walk. Did you notice how he’s cropped out of a lot of photos on SH’s ‘fan site’? Not to mention that she’s never made much of an effort to look like she cares about BC. Mark my words, there will be a ‘tell all’…

What is she going to tell?!? That she faked a pregnancy to trap a famous actor? Come on. She’s not going to spill shit.

She will float back into obscurity, never to be heard from again.

SH’s cray-cray though. There’s no telling what half-truths and outright lies she may spew in order to make BC look like the villain. Someone’s going to have to shoulder the blame and SH’s not going to be game. That’s the cluster B MO and while BC can shut her up he’s going to have to fight dirty. Problem is I’m not sure that he is ruthless enough to do what has to be done first.

Showsie on SH’s absence

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