And the wedding continues anon 2.0:


Following on from earlier email, I looked at the timeline for Emma Willis and found a Joe W retweet. Why would BC’s stylist send a tweet of thanks on a rush of 2 bespoke shirts on the 9th Feb and now the designer is tweeting that she made B’s wedding shirt? Why is she tweeting about making BC’s…

BC couldn’t pull a ‘not mine’ out of the blue because he built up the ShamWow too much. He’s been hyping up the Notmybaby as well, claiming it as his own just to save face. BC’s best bet is to play the role of the unsuspecting schmuck for the time being. If he made DNA testing public right now it would show that he didn’t trust SH, the marriage was shotgun and that he was looking for an out. If there is a contract in place? BC has to ride it out. ‘Reasons’ as to why they split will abound, they always do. Notmybaby will drop off the radar once the ShamWow concludes. Maybe a tabloid piece about how ShamBub wasn’t his but he’ll always love it blah, blah.

And the wedding continues anon 2.0:

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