Isn’t Sunday his only day off though? Anyway, I will say I would totally notice someone out a window taking a photo. I’m not even super paranoid, but you’d hear them opening the window or moving the camera tbh. I think it may be just a fan or someone who recognized. Gotta consider all the angles, and it’s too poor to sell for much plus she’s the wrong kind of photographer to hire.



It’s not about selling it’s about getting the “sneaky” pic out. Of course it’s his day off, it’s just too too convenient. It was even predicted. And why don’t random people living on his street regularly get pics, of both of them? We’ve never had one, it’s been months. And we’ve noted all the reasons it’s silly to be out, and alone, and so covered. It’s just silly.


Preach. We should refer to BC as ‘Old Spice’ from now on…



Why, yes you are sir *headdesk*…


He’ll be ‘Olde English’ soon enough.

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