This nonsense is like the worse father’s day present for Ben’s dad. They really could have picked any other day.










I feel so bad for his parents.

Honestly, that’s the biggy for me.  I could just laugh at Ben’s acting like an ass all day long and not take it “personally”, if it weren’t for his parents….

Oh, so much this.

This is one of the things that does upset me. While a lot of it is laughable, it’s still fucking with the lives of those he loves. This isn’t just about him. They’re hearts have to be aching.

Is it bad of me to say I hope they both live long enough to see him come out the other side of this. They’re not getting any younger. They don’t deserve any of this. 

They don’t deserve this and their age worries me. Anything can happen with the elderly and their health at any moment. If something were to happen to one of them, he’d have to live with that the rest of his life. *sigh* 🙁

That’s why I get angry.  I’m the youngest of much older parents…even in high school, I worried about how my actions would affect them.  To be almost 39 and putting them through this?  I could throttle him. 

As someone who already lost his parents I can’t believe what he is doing. And for what? For fame, more money, roles he would have gotten a year ago but not anymore due to this shit? Unbelievable!

I’ve lost both mine, as well.  And feel the same way.

That’s what convinced me that something shady is def going on. Mama Wanda couldn’t have sounded more un-enthused than she did. Neither could Tim, LOL when he switched seats at LL. It’s as if they are keeping a safe distance from this clusterfuck. Who does that? Like half of the theater folks in London apparently, they know. If that kid was BC’s we would have seen an entirely different reaction even if they didn’t like SH. Also I think that BC is being made to do this, I don’t think this Kardashian style behavior is entirely his idea. This ‘surprise’ pram shot on Father’s Day is but one more addition to the plethora of obvious PR stunts they’ve been pulling. BC used to reserve his attention seeking to public events and the like. It’s glaringly obvious that he is not in a happy place right now. 

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