Uh oh, first the GQ issue snub this year and now this: www(.)timeout(.)com/london/film/50-great-british-actors-the-list. He’s not on this list either?? An Oscar nominated actor who was lauded left and right last year? Hmm. The CBE didn’t pick up too much speed in the press, I think. Procyon foretells a crash, but does his chart/transits say anything about waning popularity?


The slide has to start somewhere doesn’t it? Here’s the link for everyone to peruse the list. God I love British actors! http://www.timeout.com/london/film/50-great-british-actors-the-list

Ah Procyon. When it causes ruin it’s a lot like The Tower card that keeps coming up for BC. I’ve already warned folks that this foretells of a sudden, catastrophic end to someone’s schemes/plans. With regards to relationships it is one of the cards associated with divorce/separation. I interpret this as meaning that there is truth to many of these rumors going around. Those secrets aren’t going to stay hidden, when they are revealed? Watch out. The simplistic oopsie+damage control scenario is unlikely given everything that has been said and done by various parties.

As I said before, it seems like some people in the London theater community already know who the real father of SH’s kid is. BC was trapped into marriage not because it was his but because all eyes were upon him and he could not risk a scandal at the time. The little ‘misunderstanding’ at PSFF was very telling for more than one reason. This is all about saving face and keeping a false narrative going. SH has her lover/babydaddy and BC is said to be seeing many different women. Does that sound like they are trying to ‘work things out’? Hardly.

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