“Legally, the second that his name went down on the birth certificate” FWIW that can be challenged in divorce proceedings or in a paternity action in the UK. Generally it’s the putative father trying to get out of child support but mothers can bring it up too in an effort to cut off access to the children.


Thanks for the 411 on that!

See, if BC decides to stick this charade out and ‘adopt’ the Notmybaby (I still think it’s SBF’s) he may be in for a rude awakening. I have known of cases in which the wife asks for a divorce, gets together with the bio dad and then strips her ex-husband of custody. The stepfather loves the kid, raises it for years and is then barred from seeing him/her. The stepfathers say that it is emotionally traumatic for them but I really wouldn’t put it past SH to pull a cruel stunt like that on BC. If this scenario plays out I give it a couple of years at most

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