Ok you know what? I plugged in false Due Date of 06/13/15:

Possible sexual intercourse date that led to the pregnancy: Sep 9, 2014 – Sep 24, 2014

DD/DOB 06/06/15:

Possible sexual intercourse date that led to the pregnancy: Sep 2, 2014 – Sep…

Is no one else remotely disturbed and creeped out by this timeline???


And I’m not talking about the stupid, bullshit theory of the baby not being Benedict’s. I’m talking about the fact that someone sat and took the time to write out this timeline of when a couple had sex to discredit a baby’s paternity. 

It doesn’t pan out, look at the evidence and use your wits for once. This all started with the tea spilled one night before the wedding. Of course some credulous people disregarded it right away, but as more inquisitive folks scoured Instagram etc. it became obvious that times/dates coincided with the so-called rumors. There was no need to obfuscate so the fact that was being done, the countless inconsistencies in the narrative were seen as red flags by the skeptic camp. As an aside figuring out each of the corresponding dates takes mere seconds, the application is web-based. It’s interesting to see to what degree the media will distort the truth even in matters as trivial as these… 


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