I also thought he’d be having a daughter because I remember someone here posted a dream where there’s a morbid little girl sitting on a chair he blamed/was mad at. I thought it didn’t represent Sophie, but I could be wrong. She does seem immature!


They both do if you ask me. But people are apparently having quite prolonged adolescence these days. It’s the new “thing”. 

That was my dream. Remember how I said that I did not feel a blood connection between the creepy little girl and BC? Hadn’t thought about it, but she could represent SH. She did have wavy light brown hair and blue eyes. Narcs are stuck in the early stages of emotional development. So in some ways SH is like a child. The man in the suit may be HW, it was the second time I saw him an dream. In both dreams he harmed BC. BC would start suffocating and then collapse in his presence.

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