Srsly, now, what do you name him? I like Sean Cumberbatch but I can see Henry or Timothy popping up somewheres. The cupcake makes it official then?? What happened to shirt?


I see them going for like a…

  • Benjamin
  • Alexander
  • William
  • Henry
  • Carter
  • Grayson
  • Sebastian
  • Anthony
  • Julian
  • Aaron
  • Thomas
  • Ian
  • Zachary
  • Miles
  • Jordan

And in case BC’s PR is reading this, take this list to him please. I don’t think the world can survive a Carl Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch. However, I’m betting 5 internet bucks right now that the baby boy will be called Henry because his great grandfather, and grandfather were Henry Cumberbatch and they were war veterans and such. 

I predict that the Notmybaby will be named: Richard. In honor of his illustrious erm ‘relative’…18 times removed. That’ll go nicely with Notthedaddy’s CBE and SquidMom’s pseudo-aristocratic pretentions. Middle name can be…Clarence since they were dead set on Clarice. 

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