Mega Post (14th June)  # 4



(4/1) Ok, so 2
things. First: how in the hell is he going to be doing rehearsals for Hamlet
with a newborn?! I had theatre friends in university, and the only time they
weren’t in the theatre during rehearsals were the few hours they slept… and
that was a…

I’ve got news for you: SH doesn’t run CDAN, The Sun, The Fail…and she just ran out of bargaining chips. Oh what a shame, now the tabs are going to take the kidskin gloves off. If they tear into the likes of Obama and Cameron with hyena-like abandon do you honestly think they are going to spare a non-entity like Skanka? Please. SH doesn’t have a say in the matter, at this point even BC could turn on her. He’s done the ‘honorable’ thing already, collected his award etc. If the BI about him whoring around is true, he’s had it with her BS. Do you think he relishes the thought of sharing his KBE with the woman who basically ruined his life? Waiting for decades while she keeps handing his money over to her SBF? The real father of Cumberbatch Jr.? His health can’t take it and he’s got too many options. It’s going to end sooner than many think but we probably won’t hear about it until later. Well, maybe through Enty…

Mega Post (14th June)
 # 4

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