So this is the another article published right on 5 November 2014 when everyone was surprised by Benedict Cumberbatch’s engagement announcement. I mean BC said himself basically that no one knew and that this was his way of telling his friends that he was getting married. Just like in the good ole days. Anyway, so the writer for Bustle also speedily wrote up an article about the newly engaged couple Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter and this article features three Tweet-Screencaps of BenophieDaily and SophieHunterPhotos (now Since we have those two sites in our may or may not be PR-site hat, I think it’s ok to speculate whether this Bustle article written soooo so quickly right on 5 November 2014 was pre PR-arranged. 

If you visit the link for the article today that last tweeted pic from Hay Festival is gone. Apparently BenophieDaily’s Twitter deleted the pic. Maybe because of eggsbenedish ‘ watermark? Who knows? Hey eggsbenedish , maybe they were cheating you out on your photo credit after all, honey. tse tse tse


Real Fairytale indeed



Fairytale?  Just because it’s FICTION, doesn’t mean it’s a fairytale.  Where’s that “Happily Ever After doesn’t do this” gif?  

Well, a fairy tale of which Mr C was never informed of, maybe? But it’s nice that the weirdo Benophie-Shipper-”Fan”-Sites, which started really early in late summer 2014, got featured in articles that were possibly PR-arranged.

I don’t think BC was informed of the magnitude of the stinky shit that was about to hit the fan –  looks like this pile of crap of an article was ready to go on the 5th Nov!  Fairy-fucking -tale my arse! Nightmare more like!


Sorry SH, but.. yeah.

It’s like they knew what was going to happen? Imagine that? Supposedly only BC and SH would have known about the LT ad. Except BC was all WTF? right after that, so it’s obvious someone forgot to give him the memo. The way I see it this was a collabo between RCG SH and HW. The PR behind this is pretty top knotch, you can tell it was planned a good while in advance. Do you think some two bit fan outfit would be responsible for press like that? Ha! I have a giant Neolithic rock garden i’d like to sell you…

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