I think they are going to announce something being born 38 – 40 weeks after James Rhodes and Hattie’s wedding. I think. Just to make it sure they did indeed spend the night together after the party – so nobody would dispute that.


And if they do, I will finally enroll in Psychic school and in two weeks master the trade. 

Because I don’t know since when, I’ve been saying they’ve been using JR’s wedding and the fan sighting afterwards where BC was with a woman that first she had curly hair, then she had short way hair, no wait, was it brown and shoulder length. Then she was tall but shorter than BC, but taller than BC because she was wearing heels, or were they sneakers, nah they were platform boots. She walked away when the fan came closer, but she stayed far enough away, then went to the produce section but came back and wrapped her arms lovingly around BC when the girl went on her way, but Mystery Brunette also took the picture did she not. That was literally all the fan forums were talking about the next few days, especially after they finally caught sight of SH in the group picture and everything after that started sounding more and more like SH at the morning grocery run where if I remember correctly, he got a singular sandwich. 

Don’t even get me started about the accounts, “oh yeah! That was totally SH I saw xxx” after they went to Quagliano’s.

BC is an idiot if he is trying to help SH save face. She was fucking around with other guys, pinned it on BC and now he’s stepping in for the deadbeat? Why not just say, “We were casually dating and SH accidentally got pregnant by another person she was seeing. The bio father didn’t want anything to do with the baby but I loved her enough to marry her regardless.” It would speak quite well of him, he would be seen as a forgiving and generous person. Receipts are going to pop up regarding the true DOB and then the tab hounds will be let loose. Either come clean or end this…preferably both.

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