Freundin German women mag on Benedict Cumberbatch



There was a German article today where it said that “they are preparing for the first child which is due in August.” Probably just a really wrong source but… Haven’t laughed like that in a while.


I’ll be laughing too if…

August? They seem to have taken BC’s idiotic comment about conceiving ShamBub after the enGAGment quite literally. Only a mid to late November conception date would result in an August birth. These idiots are burying themselves deeper and deeper, unless BC wants people to start doing the math so that SH’s premarital activities become suspect. Also in December, when the preg was leaked it said that SH was only a couple of months along, later said that she would give birth in Summer. Couple means 2ish months and Summer means late June. So put in June 22nd as the due date and what do we get? Alleged babymaking around September 18-21 of last year, remember the Ballyturk double date? Do you see what I see? Take the almost 4 week difference at the clinic. Work backward from that and you get a hookup date in August of…18-21. Yeah, we have a problem…  

Freundin German women mag on Benedict Cumberbatch

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