A new addition to BenophieDaily/’s social medial empire! Venturing out to Facebook, but note this: it’s ONLY for the Sophie-fanstite not for BenophieDaily.

The tumblr site now links to the facebook page as well:


Oh and here’s the About page for the facebook page:


If that ain’t a PR set up, I dunno WHAT is.

Love how they’re still trying to make fetch happen…

You don’t say! Really? But what about the 50 $ per year for the domain purchase. Surely a fangirl would do that, right?

Edited to add:

Also you know what this means, right? SophieHunterCentral/ are run by the same runner of powercouplesofdartmouthpark, cumbertweets, antihaterfangirl and many more. And those sites are not SILENT, nice picture sharing sites but have an agenda and insult Skeptics. So PR is insulting BC-fans?

And finally Sanka’s PR’s true colours come out.

Now who wants to tell me that we don’t have PR trolls flaming us over there on the anti side? Mmmmhmmmm.  This pretty much is conclusive now.  So sorry anti’s and nans.  Anything you say now is COMPLETELY irrelevant.  Not like it wasn’t before, but now we can prove it.  What about your proof to say you’re NOT plants?

Exactly.  I refuse to blame this shit on the real nannies.  These are plants, pure and simple.  And I wonder how many of the nannies who did believe these plants and trolls about us skeptics before, still do? 

It could be Ham too, it sure looks like his ‘style’. Maybe he got in good with Anything Cumberbatch, because I honestly don’t think that BC himself would be ok with this. He may shoehorn but this is amateurish in the extreme. One last attempt to use BC’s name to boost her career before the deal’s off? Could be.

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