Did it ever occurred to you guys it’s none of your business where Sophie Hunter’s money comes from?



Personally, I don’t think it really matters. They are married now so, her money is his money, and his money is her money. Isn’t that how marriage works?


I actually don’t care where she gets it from.


SH barely had any money to her name, lived off of others, was involved with white-collar criminals, engaged in questionable activities etc. Who cares you ask? Well, it becomes the public’s business because of what they are being sold. That SH is a talented, respectable woman of independent means. Which we now know is complete bollocks, her doctored CV being but one example of her penchant for lying.

With regards to money, are you fucking kidding me? “What’s yours is mine and vice-versa.” is naive BS. Ask any divorce attorney for an honest opinion, you will be surprised. Anything a person makes before the marriage does not belong to the spouse, neither does any inheritance they may get from a family member. Yet you see many gold-diggers of both sexes manipulating the spouse into mixing pre-matrimonial assets with matrimonial assets. For example, a man owns a condo and after he gets married his wife immediately tells him to sell it to buy a property of similar value but with both of their names on it. Meanwhile, she puts little to no money down. In essence he just handed her half of his assets which was the plan all along! I also knew of a woman in STEM who lost one of the investment properties she bought while single when she divorced her good-for-nothing husband. 

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