I agree Violet the uberfans ruin it for the average fan. I had friend who likes BC casually he was rude to her when she met him. Her male friend approached a few minutes after and BC was cool with him. So I think he is burnt out. Also after TH’s play last year he is really backed off the fandom. They don’t realize these men are actually scared of them don’t think they are great. The fandoms drained me & that is why I am out. It was just to much false idol worship. Its scary to average eyes.



I don’t think anyone should idolize non-entities like celebs. I think you have to see them as people who though sometimes gifted, have too much money and a metric fuckton of issues. Based on what insiders have told me? A lot of them are mental and don’t get me started on their substance abuse problems. As for celebs like BC being rude? Fuck ‘em. Being tired is no excuse for acting like an asshole. This happened to Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool fame. RR was pretty rude to more than one fan, it got on the internet and next thing you know it he was going out of his way to be nice! Marvel PR doesn’t play around so BC better put on his happy face or else. Marvel doesn’t care about an actor’s personal problems either, just wait until SH goes the way of Sonny Pacheco…

“just wait until SH goes the way of Sonny Pacheco…” LMAO! That’s a shame.

And yes… the substance abuse that goes on out in Hollywood is INSANE. Sometimes I wonder how half of those people make it through a day of work when they are drunk or high as a kite on God knows what.

Hollyweird in a nutshell:

Pink, you know it’s going to end that way. JR was smarter than BC though, because he had an ironclad prenup and the kid was his. If BC doesn’t get out pronto I predict that something unfortunate is going to happen. Like a posh version of this story: 

I gave my wife everything – she’s left me with nothing

When I met my wife, I took her and her five-month-old baby boy into my home. We married. My job (though incredibly stressful and which necessitated me commuting from North to South on a weekly basis) brought an affluent lifestyle. My wife was a housewife, her little boy called me Dad  –  and I loved him as if he were my own.

But, eventually, my workload made me tired and withdrawn, while she enjoyed a circle of new friends and slowly built a life without me. Sometimes I felt like a stranger in my own home.

When we got together, she had nothing. I helped sort out her credit card debt and her ex gave her just £50 a month as a token gesture. She had always said that we didn’t need a prenuptial agreement because she had too much respect for me to consider taking me to the cleaners if we split  –  and in any case, she assured me she loved me so much that this would never happen. How stupid I was to believe her.

I ended up having to give my house (worth £360,000) to her, on the basis that her son was a ‘child of the family’. The other option was to pay ongoing maintenance for the next ten years as well as a substantial lump sum.

So, after only four years of marriage, she got 85 per cent of my net worth. I ended up losing the house and nearly all my savings by the time I’d paid off the outstanding mortgage. I also lost about £15,000 in legal fees and bills, and had to move into rented accommodation, while she has my four-bedroom house in a lovely area.

And just to rub salt into the wound, I’ve tried to keep in touch with the little boy I treated as my son but never hear back from him. She sent an email saying he never talks about me, doesn’t miss me and she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with me; she’s met a new man and tells me not to contact her or the little boy again.

How, in a civilised society, is it possible for this to happen? I’ve tried to be balanced, but it is very difficult when I’ve been financially wiped out by a greedy and callous lady. I know nothing can change my situation but somehow I find it helps to share the pain of my story.

Having gone from having everything to nothing in the space of 12 months, I have learnt not to trust love  –  because it lies. Please warn other men.

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