Although, now that I think about it, I sure wish she’d share with us how one lives in the high life in New York society circles without any means of visible support job wise >>> You are turning really ugly cumberastro, stop before its too late. You are attacking and insinuating.





I’m not hating on her, just stating facts.  The woman didn’t work for how long? 2 or 3 years at a time and yet was able to live in NYC, one of the most expensive cities in the world? And she wasn’t just living in NYC, judging by all those pics of her at parties, she was living in high style in posh circles. So all props to her for being able to pull off that kind of lifestyle with no visible means of support. 

And if anyone is attacking and insinuating–it’s you about me. And “stop before it’s too late”–what do you plan to do? Issue a nannyfan restraining order on me?

“The woman” has been working all the time. It is not that hard to find the proof on the internet. You can even read it on my blog, if you care. You simply keep ignoring it.

Ignoring the facts and then making accusations about one’s character is “hating”.

I didn’t realize going to an endless round of high society parties constituted “working”. Give it up, her resume is as thin as the combover on Donald Trump’s head.

This is called “networking”, the first thing they teach you if you are trying to be an independent/ run a business. Most financing is found through personal contacts, through introducing your ideas face-to-face.

Just admit that she can never do anything right in your opinion – if she doesn’t work = freeloader,  networks and promotes her projects = escort, works = famewhore.

Were she only ‘networking’ she would have had a lot more work…of the legal kind. Why don’t you admit that there is no way she could have financed her lifestyle with her sporadic theater work alone. Even some successful models/actresses work in the world’s oldest trade. It’s extra income for them, just imagine someone far lower on the totem pole. Also the little work SH did do ranged from ok to mediocre, I know of at least one person who worked with her who blamed her for the failure of the play. She had less than nice things to say about SH’s work ethic and professional capacity. SH is definitely a fameho. Calling and then grinning at the paps, leaking to the tabloids on a constant basis. Having her PR boost her profile at BC’s expense? What do you call that? Now she’s freeloading off of BC’s fame and connections. You could say she had to work at parting wealthy men from their money before that. They weren’t paying her for miming

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