You know as humans we are curious kittens and some kitten are just to curious. So I think its better if we all stop looking into sophies past because it is her life and we don’t need to know everything about her. People should just let her live her life. I am tired of reading I am just stating the facts because I would like to see proper primary evidence not secondary evidence. People have a right to privacy to an extent, so what if lived in New York, its nobody business.





Here’s the thing. This is part of the fame game and BC’s PR people seemed quite intent on making her out to be the next Amal Clooney, but the difference is that Amal had real qualifications and SH has an extremely spotty and questionable career history, which is, all public record. If you live your life in the public eye, you have to expect people to ask questions when something doesn’t quite add up. And there’s plenty around her and their whole thing that doesn’t quite. So *I* think it would be better if you followed your own advice and just skipped over posts discussing issues that *you* don’t think need to be looked in too closely. 

Contraire OP, we need to know as much as we can about her past. The issue here is that she seems to have a hidden agenda. One that may damage BC’s career even more than the ShamWow already has. Also the issue of non-stop lying, why? Because SH is unremarkable (I am being generous here) in her chosen field, likes taking credit for the work of others (that really irks me) and has a questionable past. BI about blackmailing another A-Lister? So she’s a career con as well…if this is also true I hope her and her partner in crime both get thrown in jail. It’s not about being mean, it’s about people getting what they deserve for being nasty.


Okay, can we please stop blaming “Ben’s team” for trying to make her the next Amal? Because they’re two separate public figures with two separate goals. SH no doubt has her own people trying to make her happen. They are the ones who make her seem like the second coming, and sometimes even put Benedict down (like labeling him a “trophy husband”) in order to do it. Benedict’s pr team exists to make Benedict look good. They would NOT go on and on about how his wife is “almost too good for him”, because Ben is their client-not her! If his PR was in fact trying to push her, they wouldnt make Ben look like an idiot like most articles dedicated to trying to make SH happen usually do. Every article from Ben’s camp lists SH as a theater director and just leaves it at that. Because HE is their star, not his wife. Ben’s PR usually has to scramble after every ridiculous thing SH’s PR pulls, which is why this debacle has been such a damn mess.

Yep. Why do you think I said she was cannibalizing BC’s career. Most everything SH’s PR does to make her look better has the opposite effect on BC. It’s hurting him tremendously, he’s been made to look like a sellout, a cuckold and an all around plonker. Parasite Eve…maybe we should add that to our list of SH nicknames. 

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