Shocked elegant is not mentioned.

What would that expression be? Did he shed tears of joy? I doubt it. At least he showed/feigned more interest in hearing her read than she did when she sat in the audience while he read on the 31st! BC is deluded, he really is living a lie in order to make this unhappy situation more bearable. Face it BC, SH never loved you and she does not care about your wellbeing. Everything she has done so far is for her gain exclusively, you are losing. You are little more than her golden meal ticket and she is still in contact with another man. Maybe BC figures if he’s extra nice to her, in public especially that she’ll play nice from now on. Toxic people only get worse as time goes on, there is no reforming someone like her…



According to another person they held hands after she read the baby letter and then sat together for part of the show. They are going out of their way to sell a fake love story, I get tired of reminding folks that it’s an act. We had an anon who went on the 31st who noted very little interaction between the two. SH looking bored at one point and barely any eye contact. Normal couples are rather consistent, so why the marked difference? SH was in the spotlight tonight not once but twice. Meaning all eyes were on them which explains why they acted loved-up for the audience.  

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