The letter for those interested…

Classy. Private.

Way to go, Couple Cumberbatch. Capitalize on the child some more why don’t you?

I’m repulsed.

Yep. And before the nannies freak out on us: this is so unlike the Benedict we all know and love. Didn’t he recently say that using his child(ren) for publicity was disgusting? I guess he changed his mind?

Oh goody, more damage control. I don’t doubt SH is expecting and it is her kid, so she is hyping herself up in the only way she can. We know that she is a fameho to the nth degree, why should we be surprised? TBH I think BC is embarrassed and given his demeanor as of late he knows it’s probably not his. Having to keep quiet about that in the meantime must be difficult to say the least. If SH forces him to accept some others guy’s kid as his own, that will be truly awful…

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