From DataLounge. This is the same site that pointed us toward Gambles. Once we heard that her theatre friends were shocked she was engaged because it was well known she had a lover who was a musician in NYC- we started to scout the InstaGrams and Facebooks of acquaintances. That’s where we saw Gambles plead “I love you and need to hear your voice”. You know, I love my friends but not like that.

So, here’s another WTF moment to add to the ling list of them in this courtship.

As I told a friend once – it shouldn’t be this hard.

Bringing this back because I can’t believe I missed it before! 

“A quickie wedding right around the Oscars”- who is this person?! I want them to tell us ALL THE THINGS. 


They were missing only one part of the puzzle, insert the new BI into the storyline above and what do you get? KB was BC’s socialite gf but was deemed unsuitable for the showmance for whatever reason or she simply turned it down. SH didn’t give BC a couple of ‘free rides’ because he was HW’s golden boy. She did so because she was already pregnant with Gambles’ kid and she needed to pin it on BC. God, everything is coming together now. Media pressure was on so BC bit the bullet and married her despite not being sure if the baby is his. If he was certain of his paternity he would act differently, SH is making him wait. Her 15 minutes and all that, but the clock is ticking…imagine BC’s reaction when he finds out who he really ditched his fans in favor of…


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