I’m actually with the anon on Marvel needing to reevaluate using BC as Dr. Strange, yes he looks the part but I’m not sure that he’s really the right fit for a multi-picture deal. When the film is successful because it’s Marvel and everything Marvel is successful they’re going to be stuck with him and if he’s this much of an asshole right now when he’s allegedly the happiest he’s ever been he’s only going to get worse from here on out. I know I won’t be seeing Dr. Strange with him in it.

Agreed. BC is doing piss poorly in his PR game right now. If he doesn’t watch it Marvel WILL drop him. They dropped high-profile actors before because of attitude problems. Am I also the only person who wishes that Dr. Strange was played by an American? This guy would be PERFECT:


Tell me he doesn’t have the intensity to pull off Strange…yeah thought so. He’s a decent actor who would be more than happy to get his big break. Seems like a down to earth fellow, unlike someone else I know *aherm*. Could we have more casting suggestions for Dr. Strange :)? Send them over to Marvel…

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