I work at a London PR agency and we were all laughing at this today – how he’s so close to tipping over the edge into utter ridicule in the papers but is only saved because his publicist feeds them stories/exclusive photos in order to keep them sweet. Basically, one of the journos at the news desk of a red title was having banter with one of our publicists on another story – and said he’s a pretentious knob but their stories = clicks, but why in the hell doesn’t that woman button up her coat?!


She’s too delicate what with her current condition carrying a questionable lump on her stomach. Buttoning a coat is too much for the poor lady. 

Well once HW PR says adieu the carnage will start. You can be sure of that, other than the some kind of baby they don’t have much to bribe the tabs with. The Sun, Hello! etc. will finally be able to publish all the scandalous material they’ve been sitting on…

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